1. Monitoring Center

MVC Monitoring Room with team members monitoring the operations and safety of customer vehicles.
MVC Monitoring Room with team members monitoring the operations and safety of customer vehicles.

The MOBILE VIDEO Monitoring Center is dedicated to keeping our clients informed about their vehicles. Using our data in our monitoring center, our clients have the option of signing up for a MOBILE VIDEO Daily Report. This daily report is a great way to stay up-to-date with your vehicles cameras.

2. Data and Remote Video Software (SaaS) Plans

Every CruiseCam device requires a Cellular Data Plan and a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) contract for remote vehicle tracking and video access using client software, for historical data storage on Amazon Web Services and for Mobile Video Computing Solutions Monitoring support.

Interior Monitor
Rear Window Camera

3. Vehicle Accident Reports

Our reports bring real-time video feeds, with multi-screen accessibility and image capture.

Rear-End Collison Video

Accident Overview:

The tow truck is stopped at an intersection, the vehicle behind the tow truck is a distracted driver and unknowingly rear ends the tow truck. The distracted driver claims the tow truck backed into them. MVCSOL CruiseCam™ Shows the Facts. “Real Life Replayed”

Accident Overview Report

Two Incident Report Screenshot

Tow Accident Report

Accident Overview:

The driver appears to be texting while stopped. Traffic to his left begins moving and he assumes the traffic in his lane is also moving but does not look up from this phone and rear ends the stopped vehicle in front of him.

Tow Incident Report

Two Incident Report Screenshot

Incident Report

Accident Overview:

This is a video-telematics report of an accident event. As a Mobile Video partner, your Sprint customers have full access to resources, training, and support to generate Incident Reports. Your partnership plays a key role in helping customers gain insights and maximize business savings with our industry-leading monitoring solutions.

Request Full Report:

Get a complete report from Mike.

Field of Use Systems

Ask your customers the right questions to learn if they have a real-time video solution for fleet management. Our Field of Use Systems technology is integrated inside our video monitoring services to ensure safety and productivity for drivers.