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Our Goal is to Improve Fleet Safety and Reduce Costs

The CruiseCam system has AI capable features for collision avoidance, driver safety monitoring, and automated event reporting.  You can have up to 8 cameras, providing the only complete vehicle awareness solution.

  • Collision Avoidance and Driver Safety Monitoring
  • AI Event Capture and Alerts
  • Automated Event Video Upload & Archive
  • Superior Video Coverage Area
  • Remote Live Streaming, Playback, and Download Capable
  • Desktop, Web, and Mobile App Access

Covering the "Business End" of your Business

GPS Fleet Cloud-based Service

Monitors, Records & Transfers

Quickly access your vehicle’s video using our cloud-based platform.

Videos are automatically organized and tagged with GPS location, date, time,
and vehicle making searching content easy.

You’re not alone…our customer success team is here to help you find & download your video.

  • View Multiple Vehicles Simultaneously
  • Real Time Vehicle Safety Monitoring
  • Customizable Behavior Alerts
  • Web, Desktop and Mobile App Access To Vehicle Video Content
  • View Actual Driver Performance
  • Extract Video Remotely Over Internet.

Coming Soon!

Fleet Video Monitoring Service

MVCS’s exclusive vehicle camera monitoring system – “pings” vehicle systems and scan cameras for any operational or maintenance issues and our team delivers proactive Reports & Alerts to Operators!

Camera Systems that cover the “Business End” of your Business

Heavy Wrecker Tow Truck
Flat Bed Tow Truck
Wheel Lift Tow Truck
Emergency Medical Service
Utlity Truck

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