CruiseCam, a Mobile Fleet Management System.

Insurance Rate Hikes and Policy Cancellation can kill a tow truck operator.

Insurance Premiums are already one of the largest cost centers for many operators, and it often feels impossible to control them.

Accidents and claims are the primary cost factors impacting individual operators. Having a sustained focused on safe operations is key component of a proactive safety program. A consistent safe operation can be the difference between closing your doors or staying open.

So how do you build an operation that values and practices safety – avoid claims & accidents?

CULTURE:  Focus on reinforcing a culture of safety.  Do you measure & celebrate safety?  Do you have metrics that conflict with safety – fast turnaround times that cut corners?  How do you monitor & review field work for safe behavior?  Do you discipline safety violation or standards?

Can worker easily report potential safety concerns?  Do you allocate time for safety training & supervision?

TRAINING: Have you created standards, practices and methods that teach safe operations?  Are team members required to have any safety certifications?  Are training sessions repeated on a regular basis for all employees?  Do you regularly review actual driver/operator behavior for safety?

EQUIPMENT:  Cameras that can observe and record actual field work for supervision and review? Well maintained gear?  What type of personal protective equipment is expected for operators (reflective or illuminated clothing, gloves, shoes)?

Since your team is out on the road it can seem impossible to properly monitor and review conduct, but with a camera system like CruiseCamTM you can discover and provide meaningful safety feedback.

The CruiseCam system really can show you the whole story.  When it matters, we have you covered with the video that shows the complete story.

We are here to answer any questions you may have.

If you want to truly improve safety and better defend yourself against claims, getting video coverage from the rear is essential.

The CruiseCamTM is the absolute best system to provide you the views you need.

Of course, we have the best tools to manage and retrieve the video you need.  Our desktop, mobile and web-based platform, allows you to easily search, stream, or download the video you are looking for.  Find the right video using GPS, Location, Date, Time, and/or Vehicle. 

Our CamCheck is the only real system that proactively checks your vehicles cameras by pinging them every day.  Our easy-to-read reports let you quickly see when you have an issue and how to fix it.  Don’t miss out on essential footage with a faulty camera, be safe, be proactive.  

CruiseCam I & III Components

CruiseCam, a Mobile Fleet Management System.

Improve Driver Safety & Reduce Costs

  • Superior video coverage area
  • Up to 400 hours of on-board video storage
  • Remote live streaming, playback and download capable
  • Desktop, Web and Mobile App Access
  • Automatic Vehicle Ignition Recording
  • Exclusive Cloud-based Monitoring System
  • Easily search video records by vehicle, date, time, and GPS location
  • GPS locating, geo-fencing, and “bread crumb tracking”
  • Location, acceleration, speed, fuel, and other OBD II sensor inputs for alerting and recording
  • Remote monitoring and playback
  • Cloud-hosted video file storage

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