Mobile Video Computing Solutions (MVCS) is excited to announce its latest technology solution to help improve the safety of first responders and roadside workers.  Since 1997, we have been committed to delivering best in class solutions to the industry through innovation and leadership.  We will be offering the new Move Over Awareness Warning System (MOAWS) (patent pending) to address the critical risks that face our roadside first responders, beginning in 2023.   MVCS shared some exclusive photos of their latest Phase A prototype with Towman Magazine.

Patent Pending

MOAWS Full Kit

MOAWS is designed to prevent roadside fatalities and injuries to first responders in Police, Towing, Fire, and roadside workers.  The system accomplishes this by detecting collision imminent traffic and warning the first responder as well as broadcasting audible and visual warnings to the approaching traffic.

The proprietary system combines radar and LIDAR detection capabilities to alert responders to potentially dangerous traffic situations.  The on-board algorithm monitors data from the environment to identify potentially risky conditions created by on-coming traffic.  First responders are alerted to potential danger with both an audio siren and visual strobes.  The integrated wireless custom safety vest (Nite Beams) also broadcasts the operator’s location with pulsing LED lights.   

MOAWS operates independent from the first responder vehicle and is not related to other safety/surveillance equipment installed on first responder vehicle. 

Key features of the MOAWS system include:

  • Identifying potential risk conditions
  • Warn driver/operator of potential risk so they can move to a “safety zone”
  • Broadcast an elevated alert signals to on-coming traffic with a siren and strobe lights

According to Scott Watkins, CEO of MVCS, “we have been hearing from our colleagues in the industry for years about the pressing need for better safety systems, and it is now time to take action.  MOAWS is the result of several years of careful research and development.”  The MOAWS development team worked closely with members of the tow and first responder industry to design a practical and effective system. 

Speaking to Wes Graff “The Move Over Slow Down efforts are working and I see improvement, but it’s not enough…  A system like MOAWS that could give an operator a warning of 5 or 10 seconds could be lifesaving.”

Donnie Hudson of Troy Auto Care had this to say “It (MOAWS) is long overdue to help improve safety for tow operators, fire, police and all first responders.”

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