America’s First Responders are risking their lives to serve the public on our nation’s streets, roads, and highways. In the course of their normal daily work, their accident risk is five times that of the general driving population and twice the fatality rate. They serve all of us, and we serve them by continually developing tools to improve driver and public safety:

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  • 4 camera (forward, cab, side, rear) system with 120 degree ranges
  • Mobile DVR (accelerometer, GPS, cellular, WiFi, RS-232, RS-45, 4 analog 12V sensor inputs)
  • “Ignition On” synchronized event data capture, analytics, and live video feeds
  • 3G cellular data plans for live streaming video and/or snapshot images
  • 24/7 PC or Mobile App accessibility
  • Up to 2TB of internal storage
  • Secure Amazon Cloud ISO 27001 certified, PCI DSS3.2 standard
  • 30 Alarm settings (system, vehicle diagnostics, fleet management) with output linkages
  • Geo Fencing with alarms and notifications
  • Convey status, time, position, and ETA to dispatch
  • Fleet Tracking


  • Reduce or eliminate local hosting and related IT staffing costs
  • Lower Fleet operating and management costs
  • Lower probability of damage or loss of assets
  • Reduce claims adjustment process
  • Improve insurance defense against unfair claims
  • With proper installation, runs automatically without any operator or driver input
  • Implement proactive, preventive, and corrective actions.
  • Diagnose and document accident conditions and causes
  • Reduce driver error, unsafe practices, violations and accidents
  • Video based training to improve Driver performance.
  • Protects Drivers and Assets with surveillance security
  • Increase vehicle safety with surround view of traffic, truck and roadway awareness
  • Document daily routes with on-board video equipment