Step 1

Pre-Sale Form

Go through camera configurations with a salesperson and select the layouts that work for you. Once you confirm, we will proceed with providing a quote.

Step 2

Product Quote Sent

We will put together a quote based on the configurations you have selected and email it to you.

Step 3

Product Puchased

If you agree to the quote,
we will send you a DocuSign and Invoice.

Step 4

Vehicle Inventory Form Submission

Once we receive the DocuSign and payment, we will send you a Vehicle Inventory Form. You will fill in your vehicles information and assign a camera package to each vehicle.

Step 5

Vehicle Inventory Form Reviewed / Provisioning /System Configuration

We will review your Vehicle Inventory Form and contact you with any questions. When everything is all set, will get everything ready and configured for your vehicles.

Step 6

Product Shipped

Once the configuration is done, we will box up your systems and get them shipped.

Step 7

Product Installation

When you receive your order, open the box and contact us. We will walk you through self-installation or get your installation scheduled (additional fees may apply).

Step 8

Happy Customer

Please let us know how we did.
Your satisfaction and safety are our #1 priority..