CruiseCam, a Mobile Fleet Management System.


  • Monitor fleet remotely via real-time video and tracking
  • Record video and audio of surrounding traffic
  • Reduce risk of customer claims
  • Document causes for loss with still images
  • Evaluate and improve driving behaviors


  • Collision Avoidance and Driver Safety Monitoring
  • AI Event Capture and Alerts
  • Automated Event Video Upload & Archive
  • Superior Video Coverage Area
  • Remote Live Streaming, Playback, and Download Capable
  • Desktop, Web, and Mobile App Access

System Overview:

The VMLS is a video-based fleet monitoring system comprised of the telematic components needed for fully communicating between the terminal and fleet vehicles driving in the field:

  • The terminal components include IVMS (Intelligent Vehicle Monitoring System) software.
  • The vehicle components are Mobile Digital Video Recorders (MDVR), multiple interior and exterior cameras, antennas, cable
  • By using the IVMS Monitor Center, terminal managers can see live video streaming and use optional intercom features to communicate with each fleet vehicle. While their vehicles are operating, video and non-video data are transmitted to the terminal by cellular data coverage.
  • The MDVRs and IVMS are highly configurable to automatically capture event-based data and video useful for fleet and driver management. Many reporting options are also supported.


Now you can take fleet monitoring to a new level of risk control, loss prevention, and cost avoidance, while answering what couldn’t be answered before, such as:

  • Who was at fault in an accident involving one of my vehicles?
  • Are my drivers increasing accident risk due to distracted driving (e.g., texting, eating, drowsiness, etc.)?
  • Who was involved in a theft of my vehicle or its’ contents?
  • Are my drivers and passengers wearing their seat-belts when driving?
  • Was a passenger in my vehicle injured as they are claiming they were? Did my driver cause damage to other parties’ property as is being claimed?
  • Did my driver use his vehicle for unauthorized work or transportation?

What VMLS Can Do:

  • Video monitoring, recording, and playback from 4 or more cameras.
  • View live video on-demand.
  • Take snapshot images from multiple cameras.
  • Record to local non-volatile storage.
  • Retrieve and review historical information of where and how vehicles have been driven.
  • GPS tracking and vehicle data recordings, such as location and speed.
  • Define event and geo-fence alarms. Receive real-time alerts.
  • View and archive event-triggered recordings (idle time, speed, acceleration, location, sensor inputs).
  • Minute by minute updates of non-video data to host server.