Welcome to MOBILEVIDEO Computing Solutions

MVCS integrates video, telematics, and management information systems, under the brand name CruiseCam, to create fleet solutions for the Tow & Recovery, Emergency Medical Services, Waste Management, and Crash Tow Claims markets.


Video is Real Life…replayed.


For Fleet operators who need improved safety and reduced costs, CruiseCam is an Intelligent Video Telematics system that protects assets and reduces managerial risks better than anyone else.


Improved Safety

  • Increase vehicle safety with 480 degree viewing, recording, and retrieval
  • Increased driving safety with video review training


Reduced Costs

  • Lower operating costs with Fleet management tools
  • Reduced managerial risks
  • Lower claims processing with Telematic Enabled Claims
  • Lower insurance costs
  • Factual video evidence for insurance defense
  • Surveillance for Security and asset protection
  • Improved employee productivity