Keeping up on your vehicle safety is an important part of managing risk and keeping your trucks on the road.  It can be hard to track all of the possible recalls impacting your vehicles.

The National Transportation Safety Administration (NTSA) has a safety recall lookup tool. 

All you need is your Vehicle Identification Number to look up safety recalls.  Your VIN will let you find possible recalls impacting your car or truck.  Here is a link to the NTSA Recall Lookup Tool.

Safety Recall Management

Managing Vehicle Recalls Improves Fleet Performance and Safety

Monitor Vehicle Recalls

Mobile Video Computing wants all drivers and vehicles to stay on the road and remain safe.  Proper vehicle maintenance is an important part of risk management and fleet safety. 


We encourage you to use the NTSA’s recall lookup tool during all regular maintenance work.  It is simple and quick.

Keep Track of Vehicle Recall Notices

It is a small administrative activity that be performed prior to scheduled service to see if other work is needed or a dealer appointment is required.  No one wants vehicle downtime, but the owrst is the unplanned break down.  We loose driver time, incur extra expenses and upset our customers.  Preventing these is important.

Get the Recall Monitoring App

The NTSA provides an APP that call also help monitor for safety recalls.